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about the vegan founded trademark

what is the vegan founded trademark?

We certify people and businesses, not just products. The Vegan Founded symbol lets your customers know you are an authentic vegan owned business. Our organisation has fast become global since the demand for transparency by vegan consumers has risen. The vegan community want to know WHO they are buying from and WHERE their money ends up.


The trademark quickly identifies products and services as being free from animal ingredients and free from cruelty, and also means the founders are vegan too. It creates a stronger sense of unity between the buyer and business owner. 

why become vegan founded?

Veganism is on the rise, but it's mostly the non-vegan companies that are cashing-in. Even major meat and dairy corporations are now profiting from our community, whilst simultaneously exploiting animals! This also casts a nasty shadow on the often smaller, authentic, vegan-owned businesses.


The Vegan Founded logo represents full transparency, honesty and trust. It's something the big corporations can never get, finally giving you the upper hand. A vegan can trust that their money will never go towards animal suffering and exploitation when supporting a Vegan Founded business. This is the beginning of the demand for ethical businesses, not just vegan options.

Customer trust means more sales!


We don't want to deter the increase for cruelty free products being made by non-vegans, but we do however want to increase the demand for cruelty free businesses like yours! That's why you have our full support.


We promote all of our registered businesses through online advertisements of our online directory and promote exclusive Vegan Founded offers via our social media platforms and mailing list. Plus, we are always here to help. If you need something for your business, it's likely we can put you in touch with the right person, who of course is also vegan! 

We want you to succeed!

We want to help as many vegan businesses, charities and freelancers as possible, that's why we offer free registration for charities and non-profits, and for as little as £15 for everyone else. We also frequently offer discount codes for useful business tools and services. Subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on Instagram so you don't miss out!

Advertise with us

Vegan Founded businesses can advertise with us on our website and mailing list. We are a non-profit, community-interest company. The money made through adverts cycles back around to helping the entire Vegan Founded business community. Enquire to learn more.

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own a vegan business?

As little as £15 and free for registered charities and nonprofit businesses.

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