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A business with products can register each individual product with Vegan Founded. The products cannot be labeled with the Vegan Founded symbol without being submitted and approved by Vegan Founded. 


The development and manufacturing of all products must not involve the use of any animal product, by-product, ingredients or derivative and do not or have not involved testing of any sort on animals including all vertebrates and all multicellular invertebrates, including by a third party.


We certify people and businesses, not just products. This means that all founders and directors of the business or charity must be vegan. If new directors are added to the business, it is within the registration guidelines and our T&C's that we must be informed. Each registered business declares that they identify as being a vegan who abstains from knowingly purchasing, using or consuming animal products, products that contain animal by-products, or products that are tested on animals as well as abstaining from knowingly visiting premises where captive animals are used for entertainment purposes.


First and foremost, we advocate for supporting 100% vegan businesses where possible. We also understand that vegan businesses may have been formed prior to the founder/director becoming vegan and some employees may not follow the vegan lifestyle yet. The business can still become Vegan Founded, however, the founder cannot under any circumstances pay for or supply non-vegan staff with non-vegan foods, products or activities. More details of our rules surrounding this are outlined within our application pack which you can request HERE.


Vegan Founded understands that some business necessities such as computers, phones and batteries may contain animal ingredients. At this time, this is sadly unavoidable and it does not exempt you from becoming Vegan Founded. Businesses must be mindful of how they operate and if they have any concerns about business tools they can contact us to get further clarification. We are here to help make every business as ethical as possible and will let you know if there is a vegan alternative to the tool you are currently using. 


Vegan Founded only register vegan-owned businesses and therefore there should never be a risk of cross-contamination within any of our registered restaurants. However, shared spaces or catering companies who sometimes use premises for 'pop-up' restaurant ventures need to ensure that they use their own utensils and take appropriate action to eliminate where possible the risks of cross-contamination, by making sure all equipment that is not their own is thoroughly cleaned.

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