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Why we need your support

Vegan Founded is a non-profit, Community Interest Company. This means all proceeds are given back to the vegan business community and their interests! Our core team volunteers their time and we offer our entire community endless support. In the future, we aim to give grants to vegan, good-cause start-ups to help them succeed!

We Are Here For The Community 

The Vegan Founded trademark was created to protect our vegan community. The trademark helps our vegans to be able to quickly and easily identify if a company is owned by vegans or not! Full transparency, zero exploitation.

We Are Here For The Animals

We advocate for the vegan community to choose to support a Vegan Founded business wherever and whenever possible. Each time we defer someone from spending money at a non-vegan establishment we are actively reducing the money going towards a business who exploits animals. We also make donations to animal sanctuaries each quarter.

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