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What makes vegan founded different to other symbols?

There is no other trademark that lets the public know if the product, service or establishment is owned/directed by vegans. Vegan Founded don't just register products. Having this symbol on your products, website, or displayed on your premises tells your target market that your business is helping towards the vegan communities united mission to end animal exploitation. When someone sees this logo they know that the business and products are vegan and cruelty free.

Who can become vegan founded?

Any vegan business, service, company, establishment, charity or freelancer can become Vegan Founded if owned/directed exclusively by vegans. All products and services must be vegan friendly and follow ethical practices. Our current registered businesses and organisations range from freelance personal trainers and tattoo artists to restaurants, cosmetic brands, food products all the way up to international organisations.

Who runs vegan founded?

Vegan Founded CIC is run entirely by vegans for the community. As a registered community interest company, any profit has to legally go towards helping the Vegan Founded community. Any excess is donated to animal sanctuaries. In the near future, we hope to support new vegan start-ups with grants. You can support our mission by donating HERE. The two founders combined 15+ years of being ethical vegans gives us over a decade worth of consumer concerns around transparency and the understanding of how important it is to support each other in our shared vegan mission.

How Long does it take to register?

After your initial enquiry using our quote and application pack request form you can expect to hear back from us within 1-2 working days with your application pack and tailored quote. Once you have sent us your completed application form, there is typically a 14 day processing period (although this can be longer if more information is required).

Do you just approve products?

No. Vegan Founded pride ourselves on approving the founders/directors of a business or charity, as well as freelancers. We approve products and the business as being vegan.

Can I be Vegan Founded if a non-vegan works for me?

Yes. We know that you can't always find a vegan for a position within your business and are happy to register a business that is founded by vegans and offers services or creates products that are free from animal cruelty. You cannot however pay for or supply non-vegan staff with non-vegan foods or products. More details of our rules surrounding this are outlined within our application pack which you can request HERE.

Can I register my business and all of my products?

Yes. There is no limit on the amount of products you can register along with your business registration. The business must be approved as being founded/directed by vegans before being able to approve your products. You can apply for both business and products at the same time HERE.

I own a restaurant can I apply?

Yes! We love registering vegan restuarants and catering companies. We know that menus can be adapted and changed which is why we ask you for a menu example and to read and sign a declaration. Up to date menus can be requested at any time during your registration. You can learn more by requesting an application pack HERE.

How long is the registration?

We offer a 12 or 24 month registration. Once you apply we send you quotes for both lengths of registration so you can choose the registration length.

How much does the registration cost?

For registered non-profits and charities the registration is free. For businesses and freelancers it is as little as £15.00 Each quote is tailored to make it affordable and fair. We work out your registration costs based on the size of your business, your annual turnover, amount of employees, if you want to register products and how many. As a registered community interest company, any profit has to legally go towards helping the Vegan Founded community. Any excess is donated to animal sanctuaries. In the near future, we hope to support new vegan start-ups with grants.

How do you support my business?

We understand that the vegan sector is booming and non-vegan corporations are heavily pushing their plant based products. The Vegan Founded registration is something they will never be able to get. This sets you apart from the non-vegan companies that are cashing-in on our vegan community. We are here to offer as much support as we can. We enlist your business on our online directory and publicise the directory through online adverts across all social platforms. Your business gets a free social media shoutout and post on the Vegan Founded accounts, promotion via our competitions, discounted website and mailing list advertising rates and discounted business support services.

Can I advertise with Vegan Founded?

Vegan Founded businesses can advertise with us on our website and mailing list. We are a non-profit, community-interest company. The money made through adverts cycles back around to helping the entire Vegan Founded business community. Enquire to learn more.