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  • Kyle Hammond

Why the Vegan Founded Certification is the Epitome of Transparency


In today's bustling vegan industry, transparency has become a key component for businesses seeking to gain the trust and loyalty of their customers. Unfortunately, this has also come with a side of greenwashing. The Vegan Founded trademark serves as a beacon of transparency, allowing consumers to make informed choices and support ethical businesses that they can trust. In this article, we will delve into the significance of transparency in the vegan industry and explore the purpose, origin, and benefits of the Vegan Founded trademark.

What is the Vegan Founded trademark?

Definition and purpose

The Vegan Founded trademark is a certification that ensures that businesses meet strict criteria for vegan authenticity. It acts as a guiding light for consumers who wish to support companies committed to transparency and vegan principles. A business can only be certified as Vegan Founded if they are a 100% vegan business and also vegan owned. By displaying the trademark, businesses convey their dedication to providing truly vegan products and services, and that they share the same vegan values as our vegan community.

Background and origin

The Vegan Founded trademark originated from a need to address the challenges consumers faced in determining whether a business was genuinely vegan. With so much greenwashing happening, businesses were advertising themselves as vegan whilst simultaneously exploiting animals. Our founder Claire Michalski came up with the concept while running a children's education charity helping children and parents with topics around veganism. She had her vegan designs stolen by a non-vegan business, printed on non-vegan garments with non-vegan ink and marketed towards vegans using Facebook Ads. Enough was enough... we needed a way to see who the REAL vegan businesses are. The Vegan Founded trademark now stands as a symbol of integrity and transparency for the vegan community.

Transparency in the vegan industry

The significance of transparency in consumer choices

Transparency plays a vital role in the decision-making process of consumers. We actually ran a survey in which 95% of vegans said that a business being all vegan and vegan owned would sway their buying decision in favour vs a non-vegan business. Consumers, now more than ever, want to know who they are buying from, not just what they are buying. A Vegan Founded certification makes it easy for consumers to identify and support the REAL vegan businesses.

Challenges faced by consumers in determining vegan authenticity

One of the significant challenges faced by consumers is the lack of clarity surrounding vegan claims made by businesses. This ambiguity leaves consumers questioning credibility and raises concerns about hidden animal-based ingredients or questionable production practices. Knowing that a business shares your vegan values, does not reinvest your money into unethical practices that harm animals, and that profits go into the pocket of compassionate vegan business owners is a huge comfort and allows vegans to shop with confidence.

Ways to find out if a business is Vegan Founded certified

To alleviate consumer apprehension, individuals can easily identify Vegan Founded certified businesses in a host of different ways. The Vegan Founded website provides a comprehensive directory of certified brands, making it convenient for consumers to find trustworthy and transparent vegan businesses. Additionally, businesses proudly display the Vegan Founded trademark on their products, social media, websites, premises and marketing materials providing clear evidence of their commitment to transparency. If you are unsure if a business is certified as Vegan Founded, it is always best to either ask them or quickly check on the Vegan Founded directory.

The need for vegan certifications and trademarks

Rising demand for vegan products

With the growing popularity of the vegan lifestyle, the demand for vegan products has skyrocketed. However, this surge in demand has opened the floodgates for businesses to capture the market without adhering to stringent vegan standards and diluting the market with various greenwashing tactics. As a result, vegan certifications and trademarks are essential to navigate the sea of options and ensure consumers can make truly ethical choices.

Lack of standardised regulations in the vegan industry

Unfortunately, the vegan industry lacks standardised regulations, causing confusion among consumers. Without a robust framework in place, businesses can freely use the term "vegan" without verifiable evidence, diluting the integrity of the movement. This is most commonly known in the beauty and cosmetics industries. Vegan certifications and trademarks, like the Vegan Founded trademark, bridge this regulatory gap and provide consumers with a reliable measure of vegan authenticity.

Consumer confusion and ethical concerns

In the absence of clear certifications and trademarks, consumers may inadvertently support businesses that engage in unethical practices. This unintentional support may unknowingly raise serious ethical concerns. By embracing vegan certifications and trademarks, consumers can confidently align their principles with their purchases, avoiding both confusion and ethical dilemmas.

Benefits of the Vegan Founded trademark

Assured vegan authenticity

When consumers encounter businesses displaying the Vegan Founded trademark, they can have peace of mind knowing that these businesses meet the criteria for vegan authenticity as Vegan Founded exclusively certify 100% vegan, vegan owned businesses. You will never see our trademark on a McDonald's burger for example... This assurance removes doubt and allows individuals to fully embrace the vegan lifestyle whilst supporting the ethical vegan businesses.

Consumer trust and confidence

Transparency, exemplified by the Vegan Founded trademark, fosters trust between businesses and consumers. The trademark signifies a commitment to open communication, honesty, and authenticity. Ethical consumers are more likely to support businesses that prioritise transparency further reinforcing the relationship of trust and confidence between both parties.

Supporting ethical and sustainable practices

By supporting businesses with the Vegan Founded trademark, consumers actively contribute to a more ethical and sustainable future. Each purchase becomes a vote for companies that prioritise vegan values, fostering a positive impact on animal welfare, the environment, and overall sustainability efforts. We often like to say "demand ethical business, not just options".

Vegan Founded trademark and consumer empowerment

Enabling informed consumer choices

Through the presence of the Vegan Founded trademark, consumers are empowered to make informed choices aligned with their values. They can confidently select businesses that uphold vegan authenticity and shun those that fall short. This empowerment allows for the continued growth and support of truly ethical vegan businesses.

Empowering individuals to support vegan businesses

The Vegan Founded trademark empowers individuals to support vegan businesses that are dedicated to transparency. By directing their purchasing power towards these certified companies, consumers can actively promote the growth of the vegan industry and positively impact the marketplace. This empowerment enables consumers to be active participants in shaping a world rooted in transparency and compassion.

Summary and Conclusion

Transparency is a fundamental pillar in the vegan industry, playing a crucial role in consumer choices and ethical considerations. The Vegan Founded trademark stands as the epitome of transparency, providing a reliable measure of vegan authenticity for businesses and consumers alike. By supporting Vegan Founded certified brands, individuals contribute to a marketplace that aligns with their principles and furthers the ethical and sustainable goals of the vegan movement. Embrace the Vegan Founded trademark and be an agent of transparency and compassion in the modern world.

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