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  • Claire Michalski

How to make Reels work for your vegan business 🎥

Let's get real, regular posts are out and Reels are in! So how do we make them work for your vegan business? We have brainstormed a few ideas for you...

General tips and tricks!

  • Use trending audios and make it applicable to your niche.

  • Follow instagram and Tiktok marketing accounts - they always let you know what the latest trends are and how to use any updated functions

  • Start a Tiktok account! It's no longer just for teens! It has much better organic reach than Instagram and it's not added work as you can create on Instagram and repurpose over on TikTok. HERE is our account that we have just started - please follow us 💚

  • Instagram is currently pushing original audio, whereas Tiktok likes you to follow the trending audios so do a varied selection and post on both

Face of the business reels

Some of you already have a familiar face that your customers or supporters already know - embrace this! Using faces in images is proven to hold a users attention for longer, the same applies to reels. If you are usually behind the scenes, maybe it is time to step in front of the camera 🤳🏽

However, try not to use a member of your team who is unlikely to stay with your business long term. People like seeing people they feel they know. Having a face become familiar and then suddenly vanish can raise questions. Consistency always has and always will be the key to your social accounts.

Small business themed reels

Having a reocuuring call to action to support your small business works very well. These reels/Tiktoks have the ability to go viral if they show something behind the scenes, trigger emotion or are humorous.

Here are some ideas for you:

  • Pack an order with me

  • So this happened today...

  • A day in the life of a vegan business owner

  • Help us to make a business decision

It's also a way to turn complaints into positive and helpful customer focussed content!

Some ideas:

  • Things we learned from a customer complaint...

  • We owe this customer an apology...

  • I refunded their entire order!

  • We gave it to them on the house!

Directly asking the vegan community to support you with a clear call to action is very effective.

Here are some examples:

  • Help us make our small business go viral!

  • Your business story. Show highlights of where your business started and where it is now

  • Help us to change the world with...

Vegan movement reels

You want to find your customers - make vegan content! You can make reels that are vegan focussed that aren't directly about your business at all but your customers will be watching your content and are likely to head over to your account.

You are in a great position as a business owner because you know that all your customers have something in common with you - their passion for veganism.

Create vegan info posts that raises awareness for the vegan movement in general. It reminds people that you are a compassionate company that isn't just in it for the money.

Ok, you have some ideas and your creative juices are flowing, but how do you turn your ideas into content?

Recording yourself and your business is pretty easy, just use your video recorder on your phone or directly create the content in the Instagram or TikTok app.

But what about if you want to use stock footage or graphics? Canva is your new best friend - they have thousands of templates and stock footage you can use! Here are three varying reels we made using canva that we will repurpose for TikTok too:

We're excited to see your new content - make sure to add in the caption that you are @veganfounded certified and we will share your reels to our stories!


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