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Viva! is a registered charity and has four key focus areas: Viva! Animals launches dynamic campaigns to expose factory farming - an atrocious industry of meat, dairy and egg production. Most animals spend their short lives in misery, imprisoned in squalor and exploited for human use. Their endless suffering is kept out of sight behind closed doors and so it falls to us at Viva! to expose the truth and urge people to choose vegan. Viva! Planet highlights how livestock farming is destroying our planet. Factory farming is at the heart of almost every huge environmental catastrophe, including the climate crisis. Viva! presents the latest scientific research in our headline report Envirocidal. Our environmental campaigns help people to move towards less resource-intensive diets, by choosing vegan. Viva! Health is on-hand to support people on their journey into veganism. We take the latest scientific papers and make them accessible for everyone; creating factsheets and combating misinformation about health and nutrition. In our landmark Incredible Vegan Health Report, Viva! Health explores why a vegan diet keeps people healthier, living longer and protected against degenerative diseases. Viva! Lifestyle shows how positive and easy it is to go vegan. From Vegan Recipe Club and 30 Day Vegan - packed with delicious tried and tested recipes - to the Viva! Shop which offers vegan fashion and food (and wine!) - it has everything you need to get started. There's even a website for local vegan restaurants and events.

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