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  • Claire Michalski

Vegan Founded Business Support during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is disrupting every aspect of life, including businesses and the entirety of the vegan business sector. With so many governmental pages popping up when you search ‘business support’ we have condensed this down for you with the relevant links you may need depending on what business you are. As well as putting together some much needed Freebies and offers that can keep costs low and promotion high! Click HERE to visit the page.

​As well as help with finance, web and design and marketing, we are also going to be launching our online directory very soon and will be heavily promoting this across all social media platforms, with advertisements reaching thousands of your target vegan audience. Meaning your business will be found by every person who clicks through to try and help you be found!

We have been in contact with so many of our registered businesses and are trying to help in any way we can. Your stories are all unique and you are facing so many unforeseen differing challenges, but we must remember in these times of hardship that we are facing them together.

We all play a huge part within the vegan community and we should all be very proud of our achievements so far. Try to stay positive and stay safe 💚

Peace and Love, Claire and Ross - Founders

Click HERE to visit the business support page.

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