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  • Claire Michalski

How to make the most of your Vegan Founded certification

O.K, so you're certified as Vegan Founded, what next?

Well, you can leave the work to us and rely on our directory, posts and ads to push the vegan community to support your business. We have a lot planned to grow our movement with our #VegansSupportVegans campaign and much more that will be rolled out this year.

But, there are a fair few things you can do too, to make the most out of being certified as Vegan Founded. Here are our top 5 tips:

1. Use your Vegan Founded logo on your products

What is the first thing you do when you pick a product up in the store? You check for a vegan approved symbol.

Just like other vegan symbols that are used on products the Vegan Founded trademark can be used in this way if you are certified by us.

The symbol is very self explanatory, literally telling your consumers that this business is founded by vegans, so of course the product is vegan!

In the basket it goes!

2. Add your certified status into your social media bio's and about section

Add a line into your bio that says something like:

'Proudly @veganfounded certified ✅'

This tells your account visitors that not only are you vegan but you are 100% vegan and a company they can trust with ease!

Here is a great example from our friends at Vegan Vouchers! Great job guys!

3. Use the Vegan Founded stickers!

This one is for customer facing businesses whether that be a stall or permanent premises!

You asked, and we delivered! We now have two types of '100% vegan business' stickers that easily tell your customers know that you are a fully vegan business and Vegan Founded certified.

We have the 'business sticker' which is ideal for outdoor vendors, stalls and any Vegan Founded business that wants to promote to tell their customers that they are supporting a 100% vegan business. Also great to use on menu signs or counters!

And we have the 'window sticker' that sticks on the inside of your window, facing out to your customers. Ideal for any Vegan Founded certified shop, office, cafe or restaurant window! Also great to use on any transparent surface inside your shop or on your stall at events, such as food screens.

They are just £2.50 to cover the cost of the product being produced and shipping.

Get yours HERE

4. Use the logo on your marketing materials

Many businesses include 'thank you for shopping here' notes as a part of their packaging they send to customers. Including the Vegan Founded logo on these marketing materials is a subtle but effective way for you to reinforce that you are a business they should continue to support.

You could even include our hashtags alongside your own to highlight the unity within the vegan movement #VegansSupportVegan and #VeganFounded

5. Add the Vegan Founded logo to your website!

By adding the logo to your website you are gaining instant trust from your site visitor. Link the logo to our website and then they can even check that this is a legitimate certification.

This also improves the search engine optimisation for the Vegan Founded website making it rank higher on google which will contribute towards you being found by others in the future via our online directory. In turn your website is linked from our website to yours, creating a perfect optimisation cycle - It's a win win!

The symbol sits perfectly at the bottom of each web page. Here is a perfect example of this from Clemie's Vegan Cakes:

You can also include it as a section of your 'about us' page.

We can't wait to watch you implement these tips and contribute towards the vegan community deciding to support the real vegan businesses more often!

If you aren't following us on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok yet then click the links and hit follow to join our Vegan Founded community.


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