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  • Claire Michalski

Cadbury’s launch a 'plant milk chocolate' option but won't ditch dairy

The leading dairy milk chocolate confectionery company is now planning to not ditch the dairy, but to add a vegan option to their range of chocolate.

The mother company Mondelez which also owns Philadelphia cream cheese, has been planning this for two years and failed to launch during Veganuary as planned. During Veganuary we saw many meat and dairy companies promoting their new plant based options and trying to be seen in a new light whilst simultaneously continuing to exploit animals.

Big corporations such as KFC and Burger King adding vegan options, although a sign of progression for the vegan movement, it doesn’t quite sit right with us. It does prove that there is an ever growing number of vegans and demand for vegan products, but let’s not forget who these companies are and who’s hands the money will end up in.

Viva! the UK’s leading vegan charity exposed the truth behind Cadbury’s dairy farms when

“undercover investigators went inside 15 dairy farms that supply Cadbury with milk and exposed the shocking reality of how milk for one of Britain’s top confectionary brands is produced.”

Viva! witnessed an array of traumatic situations and reported

“We witnessed a baby male calf being callously shot in the head... We also documented the stressful separation of mother and calf and the subsequent desperate calling of both, one to the other.”

Some of their disturbing findings can be seen HERE in the video they released to share the terrible truth.

Cadbury adding a vegan option won’t stop this cruelty continuing.

We urge people to shop from 100% vegan businesses as much as they possibly can, and instead of creating a demand for vegan options from cruel companies, create a demand for ethical businesses in their entirety.

A great example of a Vegan Founded registered business that is leading by example is Mummy Meagz. They are making it into the media for just how delicious their vegan, cruelty free take on the Cadbury Cream egg is. Check out their vegan Chuckie egg and other products here.

Another Vegan Founded business for you to support and buy from is Well Bean Co, who creates award winning chocolate! Believe us, it’s incredible and of course entirely cruelty free.

To learn more about the Viva! Campaign ‘A calf and a half’ click HERE

Veganism is growing, let’s support our community and buy from the real vegan businesses! #veganfounded


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