Ethica Global - Vegan Founded Statement

It came to our attention on 22nd February 2020 that a Vegan Founded registered business, Ethica Global had been reported in the media, following an employee whistle-blower report, to be purchasing non-vegan food products for their staff. The concern was raised by several members of the public, who we would first of all like to thank for their support and efforts in informing us of a potential misuse of our trademark. 

We are now following our 'review and investigate' protocol due to the raised concerns and allegations made against Ethica Global.


We initially review the reports of misuse and investigate the evidence we have, then contact the business in question. They have 48 hours to respond to our initial email, which Ethica Global have already done so and are happy to answer all of our questions and assist with our queries as soon as possible.


We then have 7 working days to continue to investigate if necessary and come to a decision of whether or not to revoke the Vegan Founded registration from a business, although I'm sure we will resolve this much quicker than the given protocol time frame.


All registered businesses sign a legal declaration stating amongst other things that they '...identify as being a vegan who abstains from knowingly purchasing, using or consuming animal products...'


If any of our registered businesses are found to breach this legal document, the certification will be revoked immediately on either a temporary basis while the business implements the necessary changes, or indefinitely depending on the breach incurred.

We, the founders of Vegan Founded want to add a personal note that this came to our attention outside of our usual working hours and during a home and office relocation to a different city, meaning there was a delay in immediately responding to the public's concerns, but we are trying our hardest not to let the relocation of our office effect our timely and efficient response to this matter.

This situation has also brought to our attention that we need an easy way for the public to report any misuse or for employees of registered organisations to anonymously whistle-blow. We now have a page on our website dedicated to this.

As a vegan non-profit organisation it is important to us to have the support of our vegan community and will update this statement accordingly to keep anyone who wants to be, informed. Vegan Founded is a transparent organisation who wants transparency within the vegan business sector in its entirety. 

Statement by: Claire Michalski & Ross Hammond - Founders of Vegan Founded 


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3:30am 23/02/2020

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