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Vegan Wholesaler

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This 100% vegan store is the first and only wholesaler in the UK to exclusively stock products that are completely free from dairy, eggs, meat, fish or any animal derivatives. Each item is carefully selected to ensure that their huge range of food always tastes great and is of the highest quality. Vegan Wholesaler strive to offer unique vegan products that customers may not find in supermarkets or chains. They also have a strong focus on organic and zero-waste ideals and are passionate about being an environmentally conscious business. Run entirely by vegans, they provide support for customers and understand their needs and wants. Whether it is helping a catering business to take their vegan menu to the next level, providing new and unique products to retailers, or simply fulfilling those individual vegan cravings, Vegan Wholesaler have got you covered. With an ever expanding range of products, this is your one stop shop for all things vegan.

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