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VE Cosmetics

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VE Cosmetics are owned by Lynsey a proud Vegan, Mum, Ex Model and a bit of a self confessed Hippy. An Indie Brand (No parent company) and all the products are 100% Cruelty Free & vegan (PETA certified), Lynsey will not produce any products that do not adhere to her own absolutely no non-vegan ingredients and definitely no animal testing! Lynsey often has a little bit of activism thrown in with her brand with products such as 269 liquid lipstick and shades such as Unity and Love all Beings, and more recently “Meat is Murder” lipstick. VE cosmetics have a strict no photoshop policy for both their products (Lynsey wants you to get what you see and be under no illusions after seeing touched up pictures) and their models stating that “Everyone is beautiful and my mission is to show this, I don't want to promote unachievable standards. I want people to see the looks and be able to recreate them at home”. Make up is about fun and a tool to highlight
your self expression not to hide behind.

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