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Vanessa Drew-Fugler

Easter Cupcakes






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Vanessa is a Vegan mixed media abstract artist. “All life deserves respect, dignity, and compassion. All life.” Originally from London UK, Vanessa now resides in the beautiful region of the Nouvelle Aquitaine in France. Vanessa's Art is about being compassionate to ALL KINDS. She uses Vegan & sustainable materials, including papers and card made from elephant and rhino dung. “I’m supporting the conservation and protection of the great one-horned rhinoceros and the Indian elephant, as well as the remote forests of Assam in northeastern India, where they live. The papers are made from rhinoceros and elephant dung along with other forest waste to produce a high-quality, handcrafted paper that is both tree-free and also free of harmful chemicals. Almost 4 billion trees – around 35% of the total trees cut down each year – are used in paper industries all over the world. Yet paper can be made without a negative impact on the environment and animal cruelty-free! The goal is to connect the wellbeing of these endangered animals with the welfare of local communities, effectively preventing conflicts between humans and animals, and preserving the forests. When you buy Vanessa’s latest ART pieces (available shortly), you will give the people of Assam a reason to save these beautiful animals and participate in sustainable development. It gives Vanessa great pleasure to bring a piece of the creative forest into your home, all in perfect harmony with veganism and the ecosystem! Contact information can be located on Vanessa’s website or via social media.

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