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The Spiritual Flamingo

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Soulful spiritual coaching and business mentoring for wellness entrepreneurs. We live in the era of change and choices. Modern spirituality is about finding your compass, understanding how you fit in the bigger picture and how you can meaningfully contribute to it. However, this is not always a straightforward journey. My superpower is the ability to bridge the gap between practicality and spirituality with a holistically balanced mix of structure and woo. The approach I use is at the crossroad of mentoring, coaching, and energy medicine. It is richly intuitive, soulful and challenging. Whether it's your spirituality, values, politics or life philosophy, I will teach you how to positively integrate them in your life and business. I offer two key services: Soul Sessions which are deep, meaningful spiritual mentoring sessions designed to navigate modern life’s chaos; Passion to profit, a powerful coaching programme all about helping you turn an idea into a heart-centred business. All clients, regardless to their race, ethnicity, cultural or religious background, disability, gender, sexual orientation, political beliefs or age are treated with the greatest respect. I see and honour you.

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