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The Black Cat Soap House

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We make all-natural products which your skin and hair will love. Our cruelty-free organic soaps, skincare & haircare products are handmade from nourishing plant oils and butters and fragranced with essential oils and botanicals to leave your skin and hair feeling replenished, soft and beautiful. From zesty soaps to freshen your body and uplift your mind to luxurious floral facial oils to soothe and balance your skin. All natural. All vegan. All gorgeous! Perfect for all skin types including those suffering from eczema, psoriasis, & irritation. We are endorsed by Naturewatch Foundation as Cruelty Free and certified by PETA as Animal Test Free and Vegan. We can’t claim to be a zero waste business but we are certainly taking steps to do what we can and in our business reusing and recycling is standard practice. In fact we find it hard to throw anything away! We use recycled and fair trade paper and card for wrapping and packaging, our creams and oils are sold in glass jars and bottles and we’ll take back your empties to use again. Orders are sent out in reused packaging, soap rejects are grated and used for our laundry, paper is shredded and used for padding and we even upcycle old boxes and make them into unique gift sets. All in all, we are trying to live kindly - towards people, animals and the planet - and this is the driving principle behind our business. It influences the products we make, the processes we use, the sourcing of our ingredients, our packaging, our relationships with suppliers and customers and so much more.

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