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Natural Medicine Practitioner - Naturopath - Nutritional Therapist. People, animal and earth loving vegan. Health and happiness specialist and igniter of heart bonfires! I am passionately dedicated to helping you to: connect to your highest self, deepen your connection to others and our wonderful planet; awaken your soul, intuition, power and purpose; nurture and nourish, your mind, body and spirit, with nature, care, kindness and compassion; transform your health and happiness, set your heart on fire, illuminate your path and unleash the joy-filled life you dream of and absolutely wholeheartedly deserve. JulieAnne encourages you all to “plug back in” to Nature as your source, and make it a resource for attaining a holistic state of health; to look within - to “follow your happy”. Over the past decade, JulieAnne has steadily built up her portfolio of skills, expertise, and experiences and has guided many amazing individuals towards recovery from a wide range of ailments. She now aspires to build an integrated space for natural medicine where healing, learning and facilitating can all be synthesised under one healing roof - Mind Body Planet. An all-inclusive, connected space. Reconnecting us to ourselves, each other and our planet. Therefore, you will find here One to One bespoke transformational health programs, group coaching nutrition and natural health programs, workshops, retreats, therapies and events. In addition to the array of online services at MIND BODY PLANET that enable us to provide support, healing care and education worldwide, we also offer additional bespoke services, caring for many different types of challenges in our purpose-built clinic, for those who can attend at our base in Long Eaton, in the East Midlands. Natural medicine treatments; Diet and Nutrition; Herbalism and Flower Remedies; Sports massage and associated therapies; Complimentary therapies supporting Mind, Body and Spirit; Inspiring informational resources, natural products, workshops, and courses to support mind, body and planet. Quote: We have One Mind, One Body, One Planet, ALL VERY PRECIOUS - LET'S LOOK AFTER THEM :)

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