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Lisa Rothwell-Young

Easter Cupcakes



Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland


Clothing | Freelancer | Design

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I'm a goldsmith and designer working exclusively with ethical and sustainable precious metals and gemstones. I'm based in Langholm in South West Scotland where my furry studio assistant and I have my workshop and showroom. You can choose to have your jewellery made from 100% recycled, or fairly traded precious metal, then choose from responsibly sourced gemstones, natural responsibly sourced, lab created or antique diamonds. I'll happily recycle and remodel jewellery you already have, or you can choose something from my collections, ask me to customise one of my existing designs, or make you something truly unique. My jewellery is designed to be meaningful and every piece has a story behind it. I work really closely with my customers, many of whom become friends. I'm a vegan of 20 years, I can promise you that no animal products are used in my workshop, be that tools, polishes, packaging or the jewellery itself.

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