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Leafy Souls

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Hi there! We’re Henry and Tanveer, the founders of Leafy Souls.
It’s probably no surprise to hear that we're both vegans. And like most vegans, we want to spread the message of cruelty-free living around the world. So we founded Leafy Souls with a strong vision: To bring morality back to humanity, to help create a compassionate and sustainable future. Every day, we aim to make buying vegan, cruelty-free & ethical products as easy as possible. We are lucky enough to work with talented designers to create bespoke designs for our tshirts, hoodies and more that people will love wearing. And we love discovering new products, brands and trends that we can share with our community. Every month a fixed percentage of our sales goes towards supporting fantastic animal welfare charities. We don’t like to shout about it too much, but it’s how we stay
motivated and energized. Since we started in 2017, the team has grown to become a truly worldwide network packed with passionate content creators, caring customer support teams and dedicated trend-spotters. Every day we’re amazed at what they achieve - so don’t hesitate to reach out with ideas, suggestions or ways we can help you.

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