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Hill and Jago

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I started Hill and Jago in 2014 after a successful 12 year In House Recruitment career where I worked with FTSE 250 businesses. Throughout my in-house recruitment career, I was often commended for my focus on providing quality candidates with ethics and aspirations which align with my client group. This approach leads to greater promotion opportunities, and a higher staff retention rate. Quality employees staying longer term with a business embeds a culture of success and recognition, increasing employment brand and reputation. Seeing that this talent focused approach is hard to find from external suppliers, I realised my gap in the market and have been able to develop my recruitment model as a supplier of quality people. My niche is within the Environmental and Sustainability Sector, working in the main with Small to Medium sized businesses where a need for great people who will support business growth is key. I supply both technical candidates, and all Head Office and Support Functions. Contact me today to discuss how I can support your organisation in a vegan and environmentally friendly way. I offer flexible and affordable solutions and a high quality service.

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