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Heartcure Clothing

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HeartCure began because we wanted to see change. To see Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary have the ability to rescue more animals, to see an ethical vegan clothing that supports causes and to inspire and unite the community to take a stand for the animals. We aim to be so much more than just clothing, we are a community of compassionate people living by their hearts. This is why we are non-profit, we reinvest money made into growing our ethical business and we donate Sanctuaries, activists and grassroots organizations. We're aware of the huge impact that the fashion industry has on the planet. That is why we are constantly working towards creating a better and more sustainable model. Currently, we use recycled materials and only use organic, instead of pesticide-intensive, cotton. HeartCure Recycle was created to help work towards a circular economy and reducing the amount of waste at the end of our clothing's life. As a business run by vegans, our core aims will always be to help fight for a world where all animals are free. Our focus on creating change will always come first, we will use HeartCure to help in the revolution to a vegan world!

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