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Hello, my name is Laura and I am the founder of HappyToteQuotes which I launched in 2020. I focus on only tote bags and clutches. All of the bags have the aim of spreading joy and positivity through beautiful quotes on colourful totes, as well as also touching on important issues such as being vegan and caring for the planet. I make sure everything I do is eco friendly, even down to the packaging being biodegradable. I also care about having a product that a customer can use for self expression and give them a reminder or boost throughout their day. HappyToteQuotes strives to provide the perfect gift for a family member, friend or maybe as a treat for yourself. There is an option of personalisation on all of the products or if you wanted your own quote I can do that too, just contact me. So if you are wanting a bag for life with a twist, or a bag to make you or someone else smile, then you have come to the perfect place.

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