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Multi-Award Winning Vegan One-Stop-Shop, fungi-plant functional protein foods from Nature’s finest produce. At Green Grow, in the North of Scotland, We are zero-waste obsessed... so much that we grow taste from zero waste, growing our mushrooms on coffee waste or brewery grains that otherwise would go to landfill. We believe that food can be good medicine for ourselves and the planet! We lovingly grow and prepare gourmet and medicinal mushroom premium functional food products that nourish and heal our body, mind and soul. We grow our mushrooms saving precious resources that otherwise could go wasted, like coffee grounds or spent grains from breweries. We are plastic-free. Our packaging is fully compostable. We are obsessed with restoring the Earth, progressing circular economy, and nature-based solutions. We believe in empowering urban and rural communities, farmers, and individuals to be food self sufficient and healthy, thus the planet will be healthy again, once we will be able to look after one another. In addition to our food range, we are developing fungi-based products and materials that will provide sustainable solutions for food packaging, possibly edible from marine life, while reducing food waste.

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