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Fluffy Jim's Hair Care

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It started with one dream, one guinea pig named Jim and one product. The story is simple. Back in 2017, one hairdresser decided to start a vegan hairdressing business to match her ethics. But there were a few gaps in the market. Vegan hair products were hard to come buy, so she decided to make her own. The ethos behind the brand is to celebrate pets, not test and what better way to celebrate your pets than to name your business after them. And so, Fluffy Jim's Hair Care was born. Each ingredient has a purpose. Nothing is added to our products that doesn't need to be. We pride ourselves on having full control of our formulations and are excited to pioneer a new breed of products to help change the world for the better. Made by hairdressers with client's needs in mind, Fluffy Jim's Hair Care is the brain-child of Kelly V, founder of PIxal-Rose Hair Design. Come and share our journey with us.

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