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Fetcha Chocolates

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Eco-friendly, luxury, organic, vegan chocolates packaged plastic free. Fetcha specialises in vegan chocolate that is ethical, gluten, soy and nut free and packaged in eco-friendly, plastic free packaging. Handmade in Scotland from organic ingredients and free from artificial colours and preservatives, we want you to be able to buy delicious chocolate that is kind to animals and the Earth. The name Fetcha is derived from an acronyrn for: free-from: animal products, preservatives and all top allergens (but not taste). Ethical: because we use organic, vegan ingredients, fair trade as far as possible and all our packaging is plastic free and fully recyclable. Tasty: forget everything you think you know about vegan chocolate, ours just tastes like great chocolate, no compromise necessary. Chocolate: made using only organic and natural ingredients to give you the best flavour possible. Handmade: and hand decorated, you'll not see any robots in this facility. Art: because every box of chocolates is made by hand they are all unique little works of art that we are thrilled to share with you.

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