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We’re a passionate and pioneering plant-based foods brand. Our flagship product, The All Out Burger, is not only a hit with veggies and vegans, it has been proven to satisfy the hunger and please the taste buds of meat-eaters, flexitarians and reducitarians too. Our burgers contain as much protein as a beef burger but have zero cholesterol and very little saturated fat. They are, in fact, made from a list of very simple ingredients – namely vegetables, wheat protein and our own secret sauce! They are juicy and cook in minutes, sizzling and browning as burgers should. They can be cooked from frozen and are great on the BBQ too. We launched at the start of 2018 selling direct to customers, supplying catering packs to foodservice clients in Surrey and London and attending local food festivals and events with our burger bar. We are still manufacturing the burgers ourselves using shared commercial kitchen space near Guildford, Surrey and are currently working on scaling up, developing more products and exploring retail options with local independent outlets. We would love to hear from anyone wishing to try our burgers or just chat generally about making the shift towards a more plant-based lifestyle.

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