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Vegan Founded registered businesses can advertise with us in a number of ways.


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Featured businesses are charged £189 per quarter which includes a graphic on the homepage of the Vegan Founded website under the heading 'Featured Businesses', and also means your business will be listed at the top of the online directory and as the top listing for your business category. Featured Businesses also benefit from being included in our Instagram story highlights. There is limited availability for featured businesses and these are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. Any breach of Vegan Founded registration terms will result in the removal of advertisements with no refund.


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The Vegan Founded mailshot (email newsletter) is read by thousands of vegans who want to support Vegan Founded businesses. We allow Vegan Founded registered businesses the opportunity to sponsor each newsletter for £30 which includes a free advertisement of the business within the email.


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Vegan Founded businesses are invited to submit a guest blog post for our website once per year. We offer this opportunity free of charge if the blog is informative, useful for the vegan community, and with minimal mentions of your business. Each blog starts with an introduction of business the blog has been written by and is linked to your website. posts which are primarily advertisements for businesses are charged at £50 per blog, remain on the website and continue to take advantage of our search engine authority. The content of the blog when submitted to us will determine whether it is charged for or not, at our discretion.

To get the best bang for your buck on advertising with Vegan Founded, you should consider our Premium Membership Tier. This tier not only includes a combination of adverts valued at £249 for only £175 but also many other benefits like improved search authority on our online directory. To learn more about our Premium Membership - click here

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